• We advise our clients on how to strategically expand with their customers while creating sustainable jobs on the continent.

BOTHO - Definition

The word BOTHO is derived from the Setswana and Zulu languages of Southern Africa.  The Botswana people, who are from this region, use botho to describe a well-rounded and ethical person. 

BOTHO is a measure of mutual respect and accountability to all members of society.  It sets the environment for sustainable development, rapid economic growth and social independence & justice.


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About Us

Botho Limited is an Africa focused market insight, strategic management and investment advisory firm.Our local and international team comprises of:

  • Market-risk analysts;
  • Industry specialists;
  • Academicians;
  • Policy advisers; and
  • Experts in government. 
We are a member of

We are independent and conduct customized, predictive and discrete analysis. Our objective is to create high return on investment (“ROI”) products and services that drive efficiency in Africa and allow our clients to strategically expand with their customers.

We at Botho Limited adhere to ‘the botho philosophy’. We chose to do so because we believe that the responsibility to our clients extends to all stakeholders from a macro to a micro perspective. To that end, we contextualize our business strategy and investment approach by providing unique local insights through our network and resources.


The BOTHO principle is to promote the common good and the empowerment of our clients and society. We achieve this by quickly generating cutting edge market insight and world class management and investment solutions to governments, corporations, global organizations, investors and new Africa market-business entrants.